10 proven fat burning foods and beverages

July 02, 2015

10 proven fat burning foods and beverages


10-Coconut Oil

The kind of fats that coconut oil contains are metabolized differently by the body and they make you feel full without having to consume so much food. You can take a tablespoon of coconut oil each day for optimal results.

9 – Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV has become incredibly popular in the world of natural health remedies and there is a good reason for that. The way it helps to burn fat is because after a meal loaded with carbs it helps reduce the blood sugar response and this is going to help you with your dieting efforts. Put Apple cider vinegar in your salad in order to enjoy it without having to endure the strong taste. You can also dilute it in water. A table spoon daily will be enough.

8 – Hot peppers

These little chili peppers contain capsaicin and this substance has been known to help boost your metabolism and reduce your appetite. A lot of people have a problem with spicy foods so this is not for everyone, but if you like hot peppers, they are ideal for weight loss.

7 – Green Tea

Drinking Green tea often is a great way to lose weight. It contains epigallocatechin and this is known for the also boosting your metabolism. This is the key to efficient weight loss and that is why most of the food we mention here boosts the metabolism. You can drink Green tea hot or cold and it will have the same effects.

6 – Grapefruit

If you want to start your day with an awesome fat burning breakfast, we recommend that you eat a grapefruit. It’s ideal because it contains plenty of vitamin C and it will help regulate your appetite.

5 – Chicken

Steamed chicken is an incredibly good source of protein and it’s also great for kicking your metabolism into high gear.

4 – Fish

This is probably the healthiest food you can consume when you are looking for high protein contents in your food. This will also promote fat burning. Fish is one of the top foods that bodybuilders eat on a daily basis.

3 – Lentils

This is also a fat burning food that is ideal for weight loss. It contains a lot of protein and your body will always burn fat when it has plenty of protein consumption. This is a great addition to your diet for lunch and dinner.

2 – Berries

Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries. All berries have a huge amount of antioxidants and they promote optimal blood flow and muscle growth, while also helping burn fat in the process. You can aloe at them as a perfect snack before you go to bed.

1 – Apples

There is no other food that has been known for being the epitome of healthy as much as the Apple. Plenty of antioxidants, no saturated fats and definitely a great snack if you are feeling hungry. Apples are healthy and they are ideal for at any hour of the day.


This is a very powerful combination of foods that is going to make it extremely easy for you to get the right kind of results from your needs. Weight loss is something that is extremely beneficial in every aspect of our lives and by eating these foods you will be able to see great results.

The best thing is that you can combine a lot of these foods and create meals with them. A breakfast with apple slices, berries and grapefruit. Followed by chicken and lentils for lunch and a nice fish fillet for dinner is a great way to promote weight loss and feel healthier each day.

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