Best Protein Blends

June 23, 2014

While looking at ingredients in meal replacement shakes, you may have noticed that some shakes contain protein blends (example, whey and soy) rather than just one protein type.  Well, protein blends provide a time-release effect when combing proteins that digest at a faster or slower rater. When you combine these proteins, you are adding benefits from all forms of protein and supplying your muscles with a constant and steady supply of amino acids.  Blends are specifically formulated to be able to give you the perfect building blocks for strength and muscle gains.  Studies have shown these benefits when combined into one powder, you will get the benefits all at once.


Here is some information on the mot popular proteins out there:


Whey protein is fast to digest and provides support for building muscle and immunity.

Milk or casein protein is slow to digest and prevent muscle breakdown by delivering amino acids to your muscles over a period of time.

Egg protein has a medium digestion time and has a great amino acid profile.

Soy protein is a vegitarian source of protein.  It is rich in phytoestrogens but not as good at the others at building muscle.

Pea protein is a plant based protein and is great if you have a soy allergy or are following a vegan diet, delivering large amounts of amino acids.

Rice protein offers a large amount of amino acids and is great for food allergies and vegans/vegetarians


When you are picking the right meal replacement shake for you, pay close attention to the different types of proteins in the shake to make sure they align with your fitness and health goals.  Picking a blend proves to be far superior to sticking with one type of protein!

meal replacement shakes
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Shakeology Shake

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Garden of Life Raw Meal Shake

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